Friday, June 22, 2007

I Think About You

“When I am alone,
“I think about you.”

I remember looking at you as you glided toward me
Thinking of the graceful walk and the loving smile

As you came to me.
I see the gentle curves of your body and raven hair flowing across your shoulders and away from your stately cheeks
As you ease your way into this space we call our own.

I see your soft, ivory hand reaching for mine as you settle
Next to me and I look deep into your rich, mahogany pupils;
Transfixed am I by you no matter where I am because for sure

“When I am alone,
“I think about you.”

“When I am with others,
“I think about you.”

Their chatter means nothing to me, their joshing and
Good-natured ness is of no comparison to your soul

And how it envelopes me or your sigh of contentment
At our being together. I envision you moving among

My friends so easily, charming and warming them
With just a comforting word or a knowing wink so

Simply dispensed and so devastating to those that hunger

For your appreciative nod and your accepting them into your world.

I am suspended in thought among their jostling energy for no

Matter how hard they try to hold my attention, surely they must know

“When I am with others,
“I think about you.”

“When I am with you,
“I think about you.”

I feel the gentle touch of your fingertips on my temples
Your palms on my cheeks as you bring my face to yours

And your lips lightly brush against mine for what must be

An angel’s eternity even though this brief moment is just that.
I know the rising passion from just that simple encounter

And slide my arms around you vowing to never let you go into

Any other time zone without me, to always breathe in your rhythm,

To honor the soft tremor of your voice with nothing louder,

To listen to your heart, to hear your ministering, to accept you,

To protect you and bless you, for surely you must always know

“When I am with you,
“I think about you.”

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