Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Online Soulmates

She was the yin to his yang.
He was the dot to her "i".

When she was black or white,
he was her colors in between.

He finished her sentence
she felt his thoughts.

They understood from the inside out
because that's how they began.

She was the words and he the notes
together, an endless song.

He was her real after surreal dreams
she the pier where he anchored his soul.

He was the rope when all else pulled her away
she was his lamp in the dark.

Hers were the blue that mirrored the brown
in the looking glass eyes of the heart.

She was the soft to his hard
and when the door had closed
oh, when the lights blinked out ...

they were as both fire and ice
blurring the lines
between the she and the he

until he was time
she the clock
and together, an eternity.

Written by CJ Heck

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